10 Surprising Trucking Industry Facts

Last Updated at  April 29, 2021  By  Editorial Team

With over 10.5 billion tons of freight delivered annually across America, there is no doubt that truckers are a big part of keeping America’s economy booming. Apart from transporting goods, the trucking industry employs millions of people, making up about 6% of the nation’s workforce.

Here are 10 cool facts about this bustling industry that you didn’t know about.

  1. An average trucker drives more than 115,000 miles every year which is 3 million miles in their lifetime.

  2. 13.4% of registered vehicles in American roads are commercial trucks(1).

  3. About 11 million light trucks, and 409,500 heavy duty trucks were purchased in the United States in 2020.(2)

  4. About 6.7% of trucking population comprises of women truckers

  5. Driver shortage is a persistent problem faced by the trucking industry. It is estimated that the industry will need to hire about 1.1 million new drivers for the next 10 years to combat this issue.

  6. 32% of truck accidents are caused by collisions outside of the travel lane, either in other lanes or off the road.

  7. An average trucker drives about an estimated 140 billion miles every year, working longer hours than an average American.

  8. An average truck carries 80,000 lbs. of load at a time, which is close to 40 tons of goods.

  9. I-10 in Alabama, I-95 in Florida, HWY-75 in Idaho, I-40 in Arkansas, US-1 in Florida are the most accident prone roads for truckers

  10. The self-driving truck market is expected to hit $1,699 million within the next 5 years.

Truckers and trucking businesses have a direct impact on the American economy. Without them, billions of lives will come to a standstill. No matter what the future holds, there is no doubt that truckers and trucking companies will play a major role in improving the lives of communities across America.