Simplify HVUT Payment in 5 Easy Steps

Last Updated at  May 6, 2021  By  Editorial Team

If you are a trucker or running a trucking company, chances are you had to put yourself through the daunting task of figuring out and paying your annual HVUT tax. In this article, we will share the five simple ways to make your tax filing a fast and smooth process. Let’s go!

1. Calculate your HVUT tax amount

The first step to paying your 2290 tax is figuring out exactly how much you need to pay. You can calculate your HVUT tax by entering the following information:

You can determine your tax amount by referring to the table below:

Gross Taxable Weight Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Rates / vehicle
 Less than 55,000 lbs  No tax
 55,000 - 75,000 lbs  $100 plus $22 per 1,000 lbs over 55,000 lbs
 More than 75,000 lbs  $550

2. e-File form 2290 through an IRS approved service provider

Always choose an IRS approved e-filing partner who offers fast and easy e-filing service. Many service providers support three types of digital payments:

  1. Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW)
  2. Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS)
  3. Credit/debit card payment

Note: Digital payments are the easiest and most efficient way to pay your HVUT tax.

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3. Always e-file your 2290 returns

In order to facilitate faster 2290 processing and easy HVUT payment, you must rely on electronic filing rather than paper filing. You can e-file your return in a matter of minutes and pay your HVUT Tax with ease online.

When you file your return manually, it will take a few days for the 2290 return to reach the IRS. It takes even longer for them to process it. Additionally, if you’ve attached a check or a money order, you need to address it to the Department of Treasury and wait a few weeks to receive your stamped form 2290 schedule 1.

4. Choose digital payments over check/money order

Checks and money orders should be sent to the Department of Treasury separately for processing, which could take days to process. Additionally, your checks could get easily displaced or lost.

You will also need to ensure that you have adequate money in your bank account so that your check wouldn’t bounce. If your check bounces, you owe a fee to your bank for the returned check, in addition to having the headache of recovering the money you're due.

5. Use File by Phone service

The File 2290 by Phone service is an innovative filing option that only very few service providers offer. IRS form 2290 filers can call up their service providers and have them file the return by providing details such as VIN, business name, number of trucks, and related information.

After collecting all the information, you will receive a text message with a link which you can click to make the HVUT payment.

Bottom Line

When it comes to ensuring tax compliance, it is not prudent to put off your HVUT payment for the very last moment. With so many payment options available today, staying on top of your tax payments have become not just easier, but also faster and smoother than ever before!